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BIOLIV CLEAR Cleanser & Toner


BIOLIV CLEAR Cleanser & Toner

149,00 kr
BIOLIV CLEAR Cleanser & Toner

Cleanser with a special texture that turns into tonic lotion in contact with the skin, it removes makeup, dirt, and impurities and tones the skin in a single gesture. It contains ORGANIC olive oil, with nourishing and moisturizing properties, and ORGANIC olive leaf extract with antioxidant, stimulant, tonic features.

Directions: Apply daily directly on the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Gently massage. Remove impurities with a cosmetic pad. The skin becomes clean, toned and ready to apply the anti-wrinkle and eye contour creams in the Biolive antiaging range or the moisturizing creams in the Biolive hydra range.
*certified organic ingredients

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