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Strategic Intervention Life Coaching


Strategic Intervention Life Coaching

650,00 kr

Strategic Intervention Life Coaching is designed to have the client in the center of the therapy, to find actionable strategies to help the person achieve their goals, refraim their situation, find a new vantage point and find their inner strengths. The coaching program is designed to last between 6 to 12 sessions depending on the case and goals. The client will benefit from confidentiality and a safe place to express their most private thoughts without fear of judgement or shame. The coach is the one that will find a suitable action plan and strategies for the client but also the client is fully present and takes responsibility for the whole process. In a coaching- client therapy the relationship is based on trust and respect, the boundaries and limits being flexible and renegotiable with every session.

Why would you choose to get into Strategic Intervention Life coaching program?

  • because you are a healthy person looking for growth and surpassing life challenges
  • because you need to find a new solution for a problem you are stuck with
  • because you need a strategy to improve one aspect of your life (relationships, financial, health, spiritual)
  • because you need a mentor and a safe place to express yourself without fear of judgement
  • because you want to understand yourself better and let go of unhealthy patterns
  • because you choose to invest in yourself
  • because you want to be the star of your own life and you need someone to get you in the spotlight

Sessions available live in my Studio in Glostrup, Skolevej 6, 2600, Denmark, or online through Zoom conference meeting.

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