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Hypnotherapy Personalised Audio Recording

350,00 kr 700,00 kr

Personalised hypnotherapy audio recording using Rapid Transformational Therapy technique.

Programe your subconscious mind to do what you want it to do. Get rid of unwanted habits and build new neuro pathways in your amaizing brain. 

CleanMind offers personalized hypnotherapy recordings for changing bad habits and boosting your life for success and happyness ( quitting smoking, loosing weight, anxiety, lowself esteem issues, confidence, insomnia, sugar addiction, positive thinking, motivation, business succes, passing exams, goal achieving, chronic pain management)

Buy the audio recording and you will have a phone session to establish the goal and a personalised recording that will help you reach that goal. 

The recording must be listened to every day for 21 days. The transformation is incredible. Programe your mind for success 

Please book a phonesession by email at info@cleanmind.dk or write a message on our facebook page Clean Mind

CLEAN MIND ivs CVR 38006037

adress Høffdingsvej no 32, 2500 Valby



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