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Ayurvedic Massage and consult 60 min

650,00 kr 1.300,00 kr

You will be revealed your Dosha body type and attain ways to best attune your life style and nutrition to balance your biological, mental and emotional self. The 5 elements we are all composed of, have certain laws they guide themselves by. When the elements that make up your being are in equilibrium you will experience a healthy body, peace of mind and a joyful heart. 

Mental stress is one of the main causes of chronic disease of our time, and finding time to relax your mind and body at the same time will exponentially enhance the benefits of your treatment.

Ioana is an experienced Massor that has combined her Ayurvedic  healing knowledge and health coaching experience to offer you this complex treatment, that will add health and energy into your busy life routine. 

Sessions available in 3 of NyLivSpa.dk Clinics: Glostrup, Norreport and Amager.

Bookings by sms at 28183383 or by email at info@cleanmind.dk 

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