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Mind Cleaning Office Program


Mind Cleaning Office Program

5.000,00 kr

Stress, burnout and procrastination are the first 3 conditions that affect the Corporate World, they make employees sicker, less productive, and less creative while making the companies lose more money or earn less.

What if there is way to reduce stress in the office, to improve coping mechanisms and have an altogether more vibrant, productive and engaging energy at work? What if there is a method that makes your colleagues, bosses and employees calmer, more resilient, more patient and healthier, all in 20 min?

In these 20 min daily we do a mindfulness technique to ground you back in your body and in the present moment, re-learn how to BE not DO, stop reacting and start responding, relax your body thoroughly so it can start to receive instead of shut down- through guided visualization technique, all of it- during office hours. Instead of your normal break get a Mind Cleaning break- that will make your time investment worthwhile. Studies have shown that a mindfulness daily routine increases with 40% one’s ability to perform a task faster, more accurate and calmer, than the ones that do not have such a habit.

What do you have to do ?

Round up minimum 10 of your colleagues, find a 2 week period  for 20 min per day to commit to the practice and contact me to get your MIND CLEANING started.

The whole programe of 2 weeks costs 500kr per person (50kr per day) , minimum of 10 persons to start it. For efficiency reasons we hold the practice in the office space so please make sure there is available  a quiet place to use for 20 mins.

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