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Alternative Cancer Support Program

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Alternative Cancer Support Coaching program is a bottom up type of approach that starts with repairing the relationship with the physical body,  emotional body, teaches the mind to rewire the brain and builds awareness  and connection with the Universal field of Consciousness.

This is a 12 weeks program custom designed for each individual and their specific need, I use as tools  Hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) , health coaching , personalized hypnotherapy recording , guided visualization, Ayurvedic consultation, meditation and mindfulness practice, energy healing therapy and positive intention healing.. During the program you have access to my online meditation classes, masterclasses and all guided visualization recordings. The program is available live or online.

The program is Based on the ideas of the research in the book Radical Remission by dr Kelly A Turner PhD where 9 main factors are discussed as common ground for those that experienced radical remission in cancer diagnosis:
These 9 factors are:
1.Changing your diet
2.Taking control of your health
3.Following your intuition
4.Using herbs and supplements
5.Releasing suppressed emotions
6.Increasing positive emotions
7.Embracing social support
8.Deepening your spiritual connection
9.Having strong reasons for living

The whole idea of my project ,as well as the book’s, is not to replace medical treatment but instead to find additional therapies and solutions to improve the odds of the cancer patients, build their  emotional resilience, get in touch with their high self, find clarity and purpose and understand the imbalance in their anatomy from an Ayurvedic perspective.

My program is designed to help cancer patients acces some alternative methods of support during their journeys.

Considering there is a chance of remission of this disease why shoul it be dismissed?
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